Horoscope Today 28 November 2022: People of these zodiac signs pass the time very safely, these people keep blue things near

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Position of Planets – Rahu in Aries, retrograde Mars in Taurus, Ketu in Libra, Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio, Saturn and Moon in Capricorn, Guru in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 28 November 2022 

Aries – Chest disorder is possible. There may be some loss in business. Do not start new business. Don’t take any kind of risk. The condition of love affair and child is moderate. Overall the situation looks moderate. Donate blue things.

Taurus – A thing like defamation is visible. Suffering is possible in traveling, avoid extreme in religion. health medium. Love and children are fine. Business is looking moderate. Salute Shani Dev.

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Gemini zodiac sign – can get hurt. Circumstances are unfavorable. Protect a lot Don’t drive fast. The condition of love and children is moderate. Health will be moderate. Keep the blue item nearby.

Cancer – Pay attention to the health of the life partner. Your own health also seems to be affected. Don’t take any risk in any kind of opposite relationship, finger can be pointed at you. The condition of health, love and business is looking moderate. Donate blue things.

Leo zodiac – will be heavy on the enemies. Stopped work will go on. Will get the blessings of elders. Health is moderate. There can be injury to the feet. The condition of love and children is good. Keep the yellow thing close by.

Virgo – Do not take any decision by getting carried away by emotion, otherwise there may be loss. In love there is a state of tu-tu me-me. Pay attention to the children. Confusion situation for the students. Health is fine. But mental health will suffer from depression. Business will go on well. Keep the blue item close by.

Libra – Domestic happiness will be interrupted. Difficulties will have to be faced in the purchase of land and vehicles. Health moderate as blood pressure is looking erratic. Moderate condition of love and children. Business will do almost fine. Keep saluting Shani Dev.

Scorpio – There will be business expansion. There will be some agreements from abroad. Health can be moderate nose ear throat problem. The condition of love and children is good. Business is very good. Keep saluting Shani Dev.

Sagittarius – Do not invest capital. Don’t invest money in gambling and lottery. Don’t even lend to anyone yourself, it will be difficult to come back. Health can be a victim of moderate oral disease. The condition of love and children is moderate. Business will also be moderate. Keep the red object close by.

Capricorn – The difference in energy levels will be up and down in a wide range. Because of which both mind and body will remain troubled. The condition of love and children is good and business will also do well. Keep saluting Shani Dev.

Aquarius – Worrying creation is being created, difficulties will be faced in a little health. Headache, eye pain will bother you. There is a problem in partnership. Excess of expenditure will trouble you. The condition of love and children will be good. Keep saluting Ganesh ji.

Pisces – Economic matters will be resolved. But the mind will be disturbed after getting some surprising information. Distance in love, the mind will be worried about children. Sudden wealth is a sign of profit. Keep saluting Shani Dev.

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