Horoscope Today 28 Sep 2022: For these zodiac signs including Pisces, people should save time, these people should donate white things

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Planetary Position – Rahu is in Aries, Mars is in Taurus. Sun, Mercury, Venus are in Virgo. Moon and Ketu are in Libra. Mercury is retrograde and Venus is debilitated. Retrograde Saturn is moving in Capricorn and retrograde Jupiter in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 28 September 2022 –

Aries – Pay attention to the health of your spouse. Avoid starting new jobs. Your health also seems to be affected. Love and children are also medium. Business will be almost fine. Donate green things.

Taurus – Do not take decisions based on emotions. Pay attention to children’s health. Spend time in writing and reading, but do not start any new training, education and writing right now.

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Gemini – The situation is a bit moderate. Health seems to be affected. The stage of love and children is also Tu-Tu, Main-I. Business will also run moderately. Keep the white thing close by.

Cancer – Health is moderate. There may be a problem in the purchase of land, building, vehicle. There will be a stop on the growth of material wealth. Health is medium, the condition of love-children is good. Business will go on well. Keep the red object close by.

Leo – You will get business benefits. There may be nose, ear and throat problems. The position of love and children is medium. Business will be almost fine. Donate white things.

Virgo – The inflow of money will increase. There is a risk of loss if you invest. Hold on now. Health medium, love-children medium, business situation will be almost fine. Keep offering water to the Sun God.

Libra – Pay attention to health. The status of love-children is medium. From the business point of view, your work will increase intermittently. Keep worshiping Shani Dev.

Scorpio – A worrying world can be created. Eye disorders may occur. Headache may be a problem. Health is medium, love, children are also medium. Will be almost fine from business point of view. Keep the yellow object close by.

Sagittarius – There will be a good time in terms of money and money. New sources of income will be created. Money will also come from old sources. Health will be moderate. Love-children are almost fine. Business is also looking good. Donate white things.

Capricorn – There are signs of victory in the court. There is a possibility of chest disorder. The status of love and children has moderated a bit. Business will be almost fine. Keep worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Aquarius – Circumstances have become a bit favorable but there will be trouble in the journey. There is an indication of defamation. Health medium, love-children medium, business is a little better than before. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Pisces – You can get hurt. You can get into some trouble. Health is mediocre. Love-children is medium. The trade is also almost mediocre. Offering white things in the temple of Maa Kali will be auspicious.

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