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Horoscope Today 29 July 2022: Time is heavy for these zodiac signs including Sagittarius, these people should donate black things

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Planetary Position – Mars and Rahu are in Aries. Venus is in Gemini. Sun, Mercury, Moon are in Cancer sign. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. Swagrahi Jupiter is transiting in Pisces. Here they are curved.

Horoscope Today 29 July 2022 –

Aries –

Tread very carefully. The condition of health, love and children is fine. From a business point of view also it will be called medium time. Keep the yellow object close by.


Power will bring success. Whatever work you do, you will get accomplishment. Health is fine. The condition of love and children is good. Auspicious time will also be called from business point of view. Keep the green thing close by.


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The position is correct. Taking right decisions. Moving forward in life. Health is good. Love and children are in very good condition. Avoid investing now. Save whatever money is coming in. Invest later. Keep worshiping Maa Kali. It will be good


Medium time is running out these days. Cross a lot. Love, business, children are carrying negative energy. It’s a matter of days. Walk with some attention. Then God’s blessings will start coming. Worship Bajrang Bali. Donate black things.


The worrying world is being created. Excess of expenditure will disturb the mind. In the matter of health, lack of energy will disturb the mind. Eye pain, headache, unknown fear will disturb. Health, love and children are better than before. The timing will be right from a business point of view. Keep the yellow object close by.


There will be an expected increase in income, but pay attention to the path of income. Health is fine. Love and children are the middle. Business is going well. Donate yellow things.


It is a good time from business point of view. Run the old business as it is. Don’t start a new one just yet. Avoid courtroom. Health, love, business will be good. Worship Lord Bholenath. Worship them. will be good


Take care not to hurt your honor. There is a possibility of trouble in the journey. The position of love and children will be medium. Good from business point of view. Keep the yellow object close by.


Circumstances are unfavourable. Survive through. Love and children are the middle. Almost fine from a business point of view. Donate black things.


Pay attention to the health of your spouse. You can also be troubled by stomach disease itself. In courtship, a finger can be pointed at you. Survive through. Will be fine from business point of view. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.


Enemies will prevail but disturbance will remain on you as well. Health soft-hot, love and children’s condition is good. Business will also go well. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.


Pay attention to children’s health. In love there is a possibility of Tu-Tu, Main-I. There is confusion for the students. Health, love, children are the middle. Business will be almost fine. Donate black things.

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