Horoscope Today 3 December 2022: People with three zodiac signs including Sagittarius will buy a house and car, new doors of wealth will open for these two zodiac signs

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Position of planets – Rahu in Aries, Mars retrograde in Taurus, Ketu in Libra, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, Kesari Yoga of Jupiter and Moon in Pisces. This yoga is auspicious.

Horoscope Today 3 December 2022 –

Aries – There can be business agreements in some remote area. Some business coordination will be formed from abroad or somewhere far away. Luck will support. Excess of expenditure will bother the mind a bit. The condition of love and children is moderate. Your business is looking good. Keep the yellow thing close by.

Taurus – There can be some new business agreements. New sources of income can be created. Money will come through old means also. Good news will be received. There will be benefit in travel. Health, love and business are looking wonderful. Donate yellow things.

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Gemini zodiac sign – The job position will be good. You will get full support of elders older than you. Health, love, children and business will remain wonderful. Keep saluting Lord Vishnu.

Cancer – Religious journey can be made. Can participate in religious rituals. The conditions have become favourable. Luck will support. Health will be good. The condition of love and children will be moderate. It is a very auspicious time from a business point of view. Keep the red object nearby.

Leo – Drive slowly. Injury can happen. Can get into some trouble. There may be a feeling of inner wisdom. Health is moderate. Will not feel good from the situation of love and children. Your business will continue to do well. Keep the yellow thing close by.

Virgo – Lover-girlfriend meeting is possible. You will get full companionship of your life partner. Feel like a holiday. Will lead a blissful life. The condition of the job servant will be good. Love, children and business are all looking very good. Donate yellow things.

Libra zodiac – will get knowledge of qualities. Good news will be received from the maternal side. Some auspiciousness will increase. Enemies will also try to become friends. Health, love and business will be very good. Donate yellow things.

Scorpio – Avoid excessive in emotional relationships. There are good signs for the students. Pay attention to health. Love, children and business are looking good. Keep the yellow thing close by. Will participate in the exam competition. You will attract everyone with your best efforts. Will be influenced by the best people of the society.

Sagittarius – If you want to make any purchase related to land, building or vehicle, then choose today. There can be some auspicious rituals in the house. Positive energy is being transmitted. Mother’s health will improve. Rest of your health is fine. Love and children are a bit moderate. Rest of the business will be fine. Recite Bajrang Baan.

Capricorn – If you want to start a new business, then start it. It is auspicious time. The effort made will be worthwhile. Health, love, children and business will be very good. Donate yellow things.

Aquarius – The speech will remain restrained. There will be an increase in families. The arrival of money will increase. Avoid gambling, betting, lottery now. Rest of the health, love, children and business are looking very good. Keep saluting Lord Bholenath. Will do Jalabhishek.

Pisces – Whatever is needed will be available. There is improvement in health. There is a lot of closeness between love and children and have come very close. Your business will also be very good. Keep the yellow thing close by.

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