Horoscope Today 30 Sep 2022: The fifth day of Navratri is lucky for these zodiac signs, risky time for these zodiac signs

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Planetary Position – Rahu is in Aries. Mars is in Taurus. Sun, Mercury, Venus are in Virgo. Ketu is in Libra. Debilitated Moon is in Scorpio. Venus is also debilitated. Mercury is retrograde. Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. The position of the planets is not good. Here Venus is debilitated, Moon is debilitated, retrograde Mercury, retrograde Jupiter, retrograde Saturn, no planetary position is very good.

Horoscope Today 30 September 2022 –

Aries – It’s a risky time. Injury may occur. You can get into some trouble. Circumstances are unfavourable. Pay attention to health. The condition of love and children is also not very good. From a business point of view, a little medium time will be said. It would be auspicious to donate green things and offer water to the Sun God.

Taurus – You will get the support of your life partner. There will be progress in employment. Professional success will come. Health is medium, the status of love-children is also medium. Business is very good. Donate red things.

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Gemini – Enemies will prevail. The stalled work will go on. Health is mediocre. The status of love and children is also medium. Business will go on almost fine. Keep donating red things.

Cancer – Mind will be disturbed. You will remain very emotional. Health is better than ever. Love, children, business is very good. Keep the red object close by. Keep worshiping Lord Bholenath.

Leo – There will be some discord in the house, but the purchase of land, building, vehicle is also possible. Health is better. Love is the middle child. Business is good. Keep giving water to the sun god.

Virgo – Health needs attention. Still, you will have a rave and raab. Love is the middle child. Business will go on and on. Keep the green thing close by.

Libra – Health will increase, love-children, money will increase. Avoid investing. This time can prove to be auspicious from a business point of view. Keep worshiping Bajrang Bali.

Scorpio – Will continue to shine like stars. Will remain the center of attraction. Health is good. Love-children is medium. There will be some good situation from business point of view. Whatever is needed in life will be available. Keep the red object close by.

Sagittarius – The worrying world is being created. The mind will be disturbed. Health will be moderate. The situation of love and children is good. Business will also continue to run fine but unknown fear will haunt you. Keep the red object close by.

Capricorn – Financial matters will be resolved. Good news will be received. The stopped money will be returned. New sources of income will be created. Health medium, love, business, children are very good. Keep worshiping Bajrang Bali.

Aquarius – There will be support from the ruling party. Higher officials will be happy. Professional success will come. Pay attention to health. Love, children are also medium but business is very good. Keep the green thing close by.

Pisces – have overcome the risk. You will get benefit in travel. Remain religious. There will be full support of love and children. Business is also very good. Health needs some attention. Keep the yellow object close by.

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