Horoscope Today 7 June 2022: Risky day for these zodiac signs including Capricorn, these people should donate copper items

Planetary Position – Venus and Rahu are transiting in Aries. Sun and Mercury are moving in Taurus. Moon is in transit in Aquarius. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn is in Aquarius. Mars and Jupiter are transiting in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 7 June 2022 –

Aries – An auspicious day for writers, students, poets and those who do clerical work. Health may fluctuate a bit. Take care if you are diabetic. In case of any problem related to urine, seek advice immediately. Pay attention to your health as well as with your spouse. The position of children, business, love is good. Keep giving water to the sun god. Donate black things.

Taurus – Headache, eye pain, weakness, irritability are possible. Increase in material wealth is possible. Still, there is a possibility of estrangement and discord in the house regarding some matter. The condition of love and children is good. Your business is also going well. Keep the green thing close by. Donate any item of copper.

Gemini – There is an unexpected increase in income. Still, the mind will remain bad about some things like love and children. Business is progressing. Health has also become very good. Slowly moving towards auspiciousness. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Cancer – Take care of your health. Don’t get hurt. Be careful while driving. Apart from this, your studies, love, children, achievements are all going on positively. Auspicious time will also be called from business point of view. Keep worshiping Shani Dev. Donate a blue item. Keep the red object close by. It will be good

Leo – Positive energy is being circulated. Will make progress in life. Whatever is needed will be available, but the mind is not right about love, about children. Your business will continue to run well. It will be auspicious to keep worshiping Lord Vishnu and keep a yellow object nearby.

Virgo – There may be mental irritability. Expenses may be high. Eye pain and headache will bother you but nothing will be a problem. You can also get upset by thinking about something exaggerated than necessary. Business, children, love and everything else is fine. Stay in the shelter of Shani Dev. Keep on worshiping him. Keep donating red things.

Libra – Pay attention to health. Financial matters will be resolved. Good news will be received. The situation of love and business will be very good. Spouse will get full support. There might be a bit of a scuffle. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Scorpio – There will be initiative in the ruling party, credibility will increase. There are signs of victory in the court. Health is good. The status of love and children is very good. From a business point of view you are on the right track. Keep offering water to the Sun God.

Sagittarius – Luck will support you. Travel will be beneficial. There will be progress in employment. Health is good. The condition of love and children is also good. It’s good time There is nothing to be worried about. Keep any copper item with you, it will be good.

Capricorn – There is another risky day. Need to cross a little bit. Don’t take any risk. The position of love and children is medium. Do not start anything new from business point of view. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Aquarius – Blissful life will pass. There will be progress in employment. Spouse will get support. Health, love, business is good. Keep giving water to Suryadev and it will be good.

Pisces – Enemy will try to obstruct you, but your stalled work will definitely work. Health soft-hot, love and children’s position are at a distance. Good time from business point of view. Keep worshiping Bajrang Bali.

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