Horoscope Today 9 December 2022: The sleeping fortune of Aries, Gemini, Libra people will wake up, strong combination of money and profit

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Position of planets – Rahu has entered Aries, retrograde Mars in Taurus, Moon in Gemini. Ketu is moving in Libra, Sun in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 9 December 2022

Aries – Bravery will bring color. Will progress in daily employment. He is seen making progress in life. Health will be slightly soft and warm. The condition of the child of love is going towards a slight improvement. Your business is also looking good. Donate black things and it will be auspicious.

Taurus – Health needs attention. The amount of money will increase. The condition of love and children is also moderate. Your business will do almost fine. Keep green things nearby.

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Gemini – They are seen shining like stars. Availability of what is needed. good health The condition of the child of love is very good. Your business will be excellent. Keep saluting Kali ji.

Cancer – Unknown fear will haunt you. The energy level will be slightly less. health medium. The condition of the child of love is slightly better. From a business point of view, you are moving ahead from time to time. Keep the red object nearby.

Leo sun sign – There will be an increase in income. Good news will be received. Toward health improvement. The condition of love child is good. Very good time from business point of view. Keep giving water to Surya.

Virgo – Business-wise, the condition of Virgo will be very good. You will get victory in the court. There is a possibility of getting political benefits. Health is good. The condition of the child of love is good. Business is great. Keep saluting Shani Dev.

Libra – The conditions have become favourable. Health has started improving. Will get the support of lover. Children are giving full cooperation. Traveling is beneficial. Will remain religious. Have a good time Keep green things nearby.

Scorpio – Cross a little. Wouldn’t call it a good time. Injury can happen. Can get into some trouble. Circumstances are unfavorable. Injury can happen. health medium. The condition of love child is almost fine. Business is also looking good. Donate green things.

Sagittarius – Will get both the support and cooperation of the life partner. Will remain colorful. Feel like a holiday. Love will be with you. Will be with the children. Business will also be good. The effort made will bring success. Keep saluting Ganesh ji.

Capricorn- Enemies will also try to become friends. Money will be received. Will get the blessings of elders. Health will be slightly soft and warm. Love child will be good. Keep saluting Kali ji.

Aquarius – Don’t take any decision with an emotional mind. There will be loss. Spend time reading and writing. Good time for those who study commerce, CA etc. Good time for commerce students. good health Tu-tu, I-I in love. The condition of the child is fine. Business will be good. Keep saluting Ganesh ji.

Pisces – Material happiness and wealth will increase. Health has improved. Son of love, it has come very close. business is good. It is auspicious to feed green fodder to cattle.

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