ICICI Bank changed many rules for customers, increased charges for many transactions including ATM

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ICICI Bank has changed many rules for its customers. These rules changed by the bank have shocked their customers. Actually, ICICI Bank has increased the charges of many banking services including cash, ATM transactions from August 1.

Know what are the new rules of ICICI?

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ICICI customers will also be charged for ATM interchange transactions. 3 transactions will be free in 6 metro stations of the country (New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad). At the same time, 5 transactions will be free at any other place in the country. If any ICICI customer uses more than this ATM for transactions, then Rs 20 will have to be paid for every financial transaction and Rs 8.50 will be charged for non-financial transactions. This charge will be applicable for all Silver, Gold, Magnum, Titanium and Wealth cardholders. Apart from this, ICICI customers have been given a discount of 4 free cash transactions. If any customer does more than this, then he will have to pay a charge of Rs 150 per transaction.

According to the new rules issued by ICICI Bank from August 1, now customers in the home branch will have a cash limit of Rs 1 lakh per account, every month. Transactions above 1 lakh will attract a charge of Rs 5 per 1000 and a minimum of Rs 150 will have to be paid. At the same time, non-home branch customers will not have to pay any fee for transactions up to 25 thousand. But for transactions above this, a fee of Rs 5 will have to be paid per 1000 rupees. In this also a minimum charge of Rs 150 will have to be paid.

Now the charge will have to be paid in the check book also

ICICI customers will now have to pay the charge in the check book. Customers of this bank will not be charged any check book with 25 leaves in a year, but after that, if a customer uses the check book, then he will have to pay a charge of Rs 20 per 10 leaves.


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