Imran Khan said – Taliban will not talk till Ashraf Ghani remains President

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again given a statement in favor of Taliban. Imran Khan has said that as long as Ashraf Ghani remains the President of Afghanistan, the Taliban will not talk to the government there. Talking to foreign journalists in Islamabad, Imran said that in the current situation, political settlement is looking difficult.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I tried to persuade the Taliban three to four months ago, when they came here. But the effort failed.” At the same time, the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan has reacted to the latest statements of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and said that Pakistan should take action against the safe haven of terrorists on its soil. Access to land for the Taliban and other terrorist groups should be cut.

What Pakistan’s Foreign Minister said on Afghan

Qureshi had mentioned some unidentified force working against peace in Afghanistan and urged the group to keep an eye on it. Qureshi had said that efforts were being made to hold Pakistan responsible for the situation in Afghanistan, but he believed that some group outside Afghanistan was sabotaging the peace process.

The Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until the 9/11 attacks, captured three more provincial capitals on Wednesday, giving them effective control of nearly two-thirds of the country. After the 9/11 attacks, American forces took hold in the country. The insurgents have no air force and are less in number than US-trained Afghan defense forces, but they have captured territory with astonishing speed.

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