Independence Day 2021: The country is celebrating independence, Akshay Kumar has told why is proud to be an Indian?


On the day of 75th Independence Day, even though the celebration of independence has been disrupted due to the Covid crisis, but there is no dearth of happiness. On this special day, not only common people but celebrities also take pride in the independence of the country but also remember the sacrifices of the freedom fighters. Actor Akshay Kumar has also expressed his feelings openly on the occasion of 75th Independence Day. Akshay Kumar told that what is the reason because of which his chest swells with pride as an Indian.

India has become an example in the Covid crisis

Akshay Kumar said during an interview that during the Covid crisis around the world, very painful pictures were seen. The whole world is going through this difficult time but the way Indians have faced it is an example for the whole world. On the other hand, the way Indian players are progressing in sports also gives reason to be proud. Apart from this, he said that there is a situation like civil war in many countries during the pandemic, but there is peace in our country, this is what makes us different. We have controlled the situation very well.



Akshay likes this patriotic film

At the same time, Akshay Kumar also talked about his favorite patriotic film. What is the best patriotic film for me outside my filmography? There was a film, Hindustan Ki Kasam, with Rajkumar. It had lovely music and good songs too. Made by Chetan Anand Sahab. There were a lot of good scenes in him. There was a tune in it. The oath of India, Na Jhokega Yeh Sir, Watan… that was very good. So that one is my favorite.

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