Independence Day: PM Modi hoisted the tricolor from the Ramparts of the Red Fort for the 8th time in a row, read – Big things of speech

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Independence Day 2021: The country is celebrating its 75th Independence Day today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hoisted the tricolor on the ramparts of the Red Fort for the eighth time in a row today. A 21-gun salute was also given at the time of flag hoisting. The 2233 Field Battery (Ceremonial) of the Army saluted these guns. During the flag hoisting, different units of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Delhi Police gave a nation-salute. Immediately after the flag hoisting, two M-17 helicopters of the Indian Air Force showered flowers at ‘Amrit Formation’. This happened for the first time.

PM Modi started his address with best wishes from the ramparts of the Red Fort. PM Modi said, “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, many many wishes to all of you on the 75th Independence Day and all those who love India, love democracy all over the world.”

PM Modi further said, “Be it our doctors, our nurses, our paramedical staff, scavengers, scientists engaged in making vaccines, citizens engaged in service in the corona global pandemic, they all deserve to be worshipped. Nehru ji, the first Prime Minister of India. Be it Sardar Patel, who converted the country into a united nation or Babasaheb Ambedkar, who showed India the way to the future, the country is remembering every such personality, the country is indebted to all of them.

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Big things of PM Modi’s speech on 75th Independence Day-

    • We celebrate independence, but the pain of partition still pierces the chest of India. It is one of the biggest tragedy of the last century. The country has taken an emotional decision only yesterday. From now on August 14 will be remembered as Partition Vibhishika Memorial Day.
    • There comes a time in the development journey of every country, when that country redefines itself, moves itself forward with new resolutions. Today that time has come in the development journey of India.
    • India has struggled for its mother-land, culture and independence for centuries. The longing for freedom did not leave this country for centuries. The victory and defeat kept on coming, but the aspiration of freedom settled in the mind temple never ended.
    • Starting from here, the journey of the next 25 years, when we will celebrate the centenary of independence, is the nectar period for the creation of a new India. The accomplishment of our resolutions in this nectar period will take us to 100 years of independence, will take us to glory.
    • The resolution is incomplete until the determination is not accompanied by the culmination of hard work and valor. That is why we have to live by proving all our resolutions by doing hard work and culmination of might.
    • We have to start now. We don’t have a moment to lose. It’s time, right time. We also have to mold ourselves according to the changing era. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas, with this reverence, we all have gathered.

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