India China Disengage: India-China withdraw troops from Gogra area under the second phase of disengagement

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India China Disengage: India and China have withdrawn their troops from the Gogra area under the second phase of disengagement amid the ongoing tension along the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh. During this disengagement that lasted for two days, the armies of both countries have also removed all temporary constructions from the patrolling-point (PP-17A) of Gogra.

The Indian Army issued an official statement on Friday, saying that the result of the 12th round of meeting between the military commanders of India and China on July 31 was that the armies of both countries had agreed to disengagement from Gogra. Under this, on August 4 and 5, the armies of both the countries withdrew from here in turn and returned to their permanent bases.

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During the disengagement, all the tents, sanghad (stone bunkers) and other construction work was done in Gogra’s PP-17A by the armies of both the countries, they have also been removed. According to the Indian Army, the ground in this area has been leveled exactly as it was before the tension started between the armies of the two countries.

stress for several months

Let us tell you that for the last 15 months, tension is going on between the two countries on the LAC adjoining Eastern Ladakh. During this, there has also been a violent conflict between the armies of both the countries in the Galvan Valley. There are many such disputed areas of the LAC, where the armies of both the countries are face to face and the standoff continues. These also include Hot-Spring, Demchok and Depsang Plain. The Indian Army statement also said that the process of disengagement on Gogra’s PP-17A was done alternately within two days and then both sides also ‘verified’ it.

The Indian Army has once again reiterated that attempts to unilaterally change the Line of Actual Control (LAC) will not be allowed at any cost. According to the Indian Army, according to the agreement reached after the 12-round meeting, the LAC will be considered and respected by the armies of both the countries. The Indian Army and ITBP are fully committed to the sovereignty of the country and peace will be maintained along the LAC in the Western Sector, an official statement said.

After the disengagement on Gogra’s PP-17A, tension between the armies of India and China has ended in another disputed and sensitive area of ​​the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh because in the month of February this year, the armies of both the countries attacked the Pangong-Tso area. He had also withdrawn his armies from Along with the soldiers, tanks and ICV vehicles were also stationed on the Kailash Hill range, south of Pangong-Tso.


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