Kabul: Taliban entered Indian Embassy, ​​documents searched

Image Source : PTI
Kabul: Taliban entered Indian Embassy, ​​documents searched

Kabul: In Afghanistan Taliban On his return, some people are congratulating in India and on the other hand the Taliban have started entering the offices of the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan. According to the information received, Taliban fighters have entered the Indian embassy located in Kabul and apart from this, Taliban fighters have also entered the consulate’s offices in Kandahar and Herat. Taliban fighters Indian Embassy They are checking the documents by entering in and have taken the vehicles present there with them.

The Taliban may claim that it will not take revenge on anyone, but the reality has come to the fore in a United Nations (UN) report. The report warns that the Taliban is conducting house-to-house searches in search of Afghans who support the US or its NATO forces. According to media reports, the United Nations says that the Taliban have prepared a list of those they want to arrest. At the same time, he is threatening these people that if they do not come forward, their family members will be killed or arrested.

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