Kareena Kapoor reveals why she hasn’t shown the picture of younger son Jeh yet and what teases Saif Ali Khan


Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals for not releasing Jeh pics: Kareena Kapoor Khan recently revealed many things during an interview. She told how Saif Ali Khan and She are playing differently with Jeh. She said, ‘The same thing happened with Taimur, what is going on, what have they named her, then, Taimur has gone here. What is Tim doing? Seeing all that, both me and Saif felt that this time we should take rest. After all, both are children. That’s why we haven’t released any picture of Jeh yet.



Kareena Kapoor Khan further said, ‘Saif Ali Khan often makes fun of her when she poses for the paparazzi. She told, “Saif is constantly teasing me, saying that when mom is happily posing for photos, the kids see their momma posing and follow in her footsteps. She doesn’t understand the airport look, She will go in her pajamas and be comfortable on her flight. I am trying to keep Jeh away from it, let’s see how long it lasts.’



Let us tell you that ever since Kareena Kapoor’s son Jeh was born, she has been in the news. A video of Jeh’s first glimpse is going viral these days and if you watch it carefully, you will realize that he is looking straight into the camera and is not afraid of the photographers around his car. It seems that Jehangir Ali Khan is already ready to face the challenges.

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