Karnataka: The head master was harassing the nurse by sending obscene messages and photos, when the poll opened, she was beaten up fiercely

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New Delhi: An incident of thrashing of a school headmaster in Belagavi district of Karnataka has come to light. Here some people entered the government school and reached the head master’s office and thrashed him fiercely. Some people present during the incident made a video of it and put it on social media. The video is becoming increasingly viral at this time.

According to the information, it is being said that the head master had sent some lewd messages and dirty pictures to a nurse. The name of the accused head master is being told as Suresh Chawlagi. The accused head master and nurse had met during the vaccination campaign.

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It is being said that after getting the number of the victim, he started messaging continuously. He was insisting to have a relationship with the victim. The nurse warned the head master several times but he kept sending her messages and photos. It is being told that the accused is also the president of the Head Master Association of Kittur taluk.

Education department also took action

Despite the refusal, when the head master did not agree, on Wednesday, the victim reached the school with her family members and entered the office and beat up the head master. After beating him, he was also locked in a room of the school itself.

Now the Education Department, taking action on the accused head master, suspended him on Friday and ordered an inquiry into the matter. It is being said that after the video went viral, two other women have also lodged a complaint against the accused head master.


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