Kerala Corona Cases: Covid-19 investigation in Kerala has slowed down compared to earlier: Central team

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New Delhi: A central team that visited Kerala in a report submitted to the Union Health Ministry has said that the process of tracing those who came in contact with Covid-19 patients in the state has slowed down. The guidelines related to isolation in homes are not being followed. Also, there has been a decrease in the test detecting infection.

Official sources said that the report states that people are becoming more reticent about the appropriate conduct of Covid and the team has emphasized the need to increase vaccination. Dr. Sujit, Director, National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Singh, former DDG P Raveendran, Center Advisor (PH) Dr SK Jain was part of the team. Besides this, Dr. K. Regu, Additional Director, Kozhikode branch of NCDC, Dr. Pranay Verma, Joint Director, NCDC, Dr. Ruchi Jain, Public Health Specialist, Regional Office of Health and Family Welfare also participated.

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22,414 people were infected with corona in Kerala on Wednesday

The process of increasing new cases of corona in Kerala continues. According to the data released by the Health Department at around six o’clock in the evening, 22,414 people have been infected with corona on Wednesday and 108 patients have died in the same time. At present, 1,76,048 patients are being treated in the state. So far 34,71,5563 people have been infected and out of these 32,77,788 patients have recovered from the infection.

Announcement of relaxation of lockdown restrictions

Amidst rising cases of corona, the Kerala government on Wednesday announced the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The government was facing criticism from opposition parties and businessmen for some time due to the long lockdown.


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