Lava Will launch two more 5G Smartphones in India, will increase market share by 5X this year

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If there is a plan to buy a cheap 5G phone, then soon two new 5G are going to knock in the Indian market. In fact, domestic smartphone maker Lava is planning to expand its 5G portfolio and launch two more 5G smartphones this year. A top executive told BGR that the brand is also coordinating with telecom operators to ensure that our devices deliver the true 5G network experience to consumers.

Lava has a market share of around 20 per cent in feature phones. However, the company is trying its best to become a bigger player in the smartphone segment, which is currently dominated by Chinese brands.

Plan to increase market share 5X
“We plan to increase our market share in low-end smartphones by 5X this year. We have access to 120k outlets and are partnering with online platforms to ensure the right distribution of products. We are driven by the design team Will bring innovative products to this segment as well.Tejinder Singh, Product Head, Lava International, said, “The Government of India’s PLI scheme for Indian brands will fuel this growth in low-cost smartphones.

Currently production capacity of 50 million devices annually
Singh said- “The company currently has a production capacity of 50 million devices annually, of which 70% is consumed locally and the remaining 30% is exported. There is a challenge in the supply chain of smartphones which will continue this year but This will reduce in the second half of the year. We are focusing on localization of the supply chain. Every year we are increasing local component sourcing. We are working with major component suppliers to ensure continuous supply of components as per our plan. We are also focusing on strategic sourcing agreements.”

“In 2022, the 5G network roll out will be limited to Tier 1 cities, so the impact on rural and remote areas will be limited. But as the network expands in these areas, there will be a need for smart agriculture, telemedicine, smart education etc. for these areas. There will be many relevant use-cases for this. We will be highly focused on these use-cases driven by India Design to empower India.”

The company has launched Lava Agni 5G
The company had earlier launched Lava Agni 5G which was equipped with 6nm MediaTek 810 chipset. According to the firm, the initial roll out of 5G in the country will be limited to cities and over time the technology will be more relevant to sectors like smart agriculture, telemedicine.

Meanwhile, Lava International recently acquired Latin American handset brand China Bird CentroAmerica SA to expand its presence in the Latin American market.

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