Lawa’s 5G phone may be launched before Diwali, the price will be less than 20 thousand rupees

Indigenous mobile company Lava International is planning to introduce its first 5G smartphone before Diwali, which will cost less than 20 thousand rupees. Sunil Raina, President and Business Head, Lava International said that the company is looking to capture 20 per cent share in the mobile accessories segment in the next two-three years.

Raina said, “As far as smartphones are concerned, we are focusing on the price segment of around Rs 15,000. One in that segment is 4G which we are working on and then we are also working on 5G product. We definitely have 5G coming before Diwali or around Diwali.”

Lava has both product design and manufacturing plants in India
Lava International has both product design and manufacturing plants in India. “We are completing this entire portfolio by adding accessories portfolio as well,” Raina said.

The company had announced its entry into the wireless accessories segment in May with the launch of Lava ProBuds, which it developed indigenously using MediaTek Aeroha chipset. He said, “We use one of the best chipsets MediaTek Aeroha. It is extremely reliable and one of the best chipsets.”

Only 3-4 important active companies in the accessories segment
Raina said that there are only 3-4 significant active players in the mobile accessories segment and Lava will also be one of the major players in this segment.

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