Lifestyle changes in Obese Seniors: Changing lifestyle in old age can stay away from heart diseases

Lifestyle changes in Obese Seniors: After coming to a stage in life, all people have to take great care of their health. Following a healthy routine not only keeps the health of the obese elderly in good health but they also lead a healthy life. We are not saying these things, rather, these claims have been made in a health general published in America. According to the news published in America’s prestigious heart general magazine ‘American Heart Association’, if you are obese after the age of 65, then by making small lifestyle changes you can protect your heart from diseases. Huh.

Let us tell you that according to this report, obese people over 65 should burn at least 200 calories a day by exercising. You can burn 200 calories with 30 minutes of exercise. It has been said in the report that you should exercise according to your body’s capacity and exercising four days a week removes arterial stiffness and keeps the heart healthy.

Professor Tina Berkley at the Wake Forest School of Medicine said that in obese people aged 65 to 79, daily exercise reduces the risk of arterial stiffness. During exercise, the flow of blood gets faster in the body, which removes the stiffness of the artery and makes it healthy. To keep the heart healthy, obese people must exercise at least four days a week. It makes their heart healthy and helps them to live a long life.

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