Maharashtra government made a special plan to promote EV policy, know who will get the benefit?

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New Delhi: BSE listed company GG Engineering has appreciated the Progressive Electric Vehicle Policy being run by the Government of Maharashtra. This policy will work to encourage pro-manufacturing companies, EV manufacturing companies and businesses. Along with this, consumers will also get benefit from this incentive of the government. Under this initiative, the government has allocated Rs 930 crore to promote and develop the state EV ecosystem by 2025.

GG Engineering recently announced the launch of its new product line EV Charging Station. With a view to expand its product line, the company has developed EV charging stations from 3KW to 22KW. The company will start manufacturing EV charging stations. These stations will be used for charging 2/3/4 wheelers. Let us tell you that the production and distribution network will start in 3 months. This product will be completely “Made in India”.

This facility will start in these 6 cities
The Maharashtra government aims to achieve 10% of the total registration of electric vehicles by 2025. As per the policy, the state government has initially targeted to promote the government’s EV system in six major cities – Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nashik. Here the target has been set to adopt at least 25 percent EV systems. Apart from this, the government is also working on deploying a full-electric fleet in government vehicles starting April 2022.

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2500 charging stations will be set up
Apart from this, under this policy, the government will encourage setting up of 2,500 charging stations in major cities and major highways of the state through subsidy incentives. Also, work will also be done on making new real estate projects ready for EV charging parking as per the policy.

Battery production business will also get a boost
This policy of the government promotes battery production. The government is also ready to set up at least one Gigafactory in the state for the production of good chemistry cell batteries. Under this new EV policy, work will also be done on innovation, research, development and skill development.

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