Mumbai Police said pensioners should not share their personal information

Cases of fraud with pensioners are increasing continuously. In the midst of this ever-increasing fraud case, the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell has prohibited the person who takes pension from sharing personal information or details. Police said that the fraudsters take access to the pensioner’s account and transfer their money to their e-wallet.

Explaining the modal operandi, a senior official of Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell said that fraudsters target those pensioners who are not friendly with facilities like net banking. The accused then enters the pensioner’s database. and contacts them by extracting their personal information. During this the accused introduces himself as a government official, and asks the pensioner to give his personal details.

The officer also told that after this the accused asks the pensioner to share the OTP received in his phone. Without realizing the danger, pensioners provide all the details to the accused. Once the OTP is received, the accused transfers all the money from the pensioner’s account to his account. After this incident, the pensioner realizes that he has been cheated and has become a victim of fraud.

In view of such incident, the police have asked the pensioners to be alert. He said that no pensioner should ever share his OTP. If such a call comes, contact the police immediately.

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