Navratri Horoscope Sep 2022: Navratri in auspicious planetary position, opportunities for profit for these four zodiac signs

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Navratri Horoscope September 2022 : This year, due to the position of planets on Shardiya Navratri, extremely auspicious karaka yogas are being formed. In this Navratri, where Dev Guru Jupiter in his sign Pisces and Shani Dev Capricorn, Mercury in his exalted sign Virgo will be present in his own house, then Venus, Mercury’s low dissolution Raja Yoga is also being formed along with Budhaditya Yoga. Thus, in this Shardiya Navratri, the Yogas and Raja Yogas formed on the basis of the position of the planets will have the following effect on all the ascendants and zodiac signs:-

Aries:- Increase in social position prestige. progress in works. The need to be careful against enemy victory and internal disease. Try to avoid excessive mental anxiety as well.

Taurus:- Increase in intelligence. Luck will be received along with good news from the child side. There will be a situation of increase in might, the resources of profit will increase. There may also be sudden expenditure.

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Gemini:- Increase in home and vehicle happiness. Increase in profit. Sudden expansion in business activities. Be careful about stomach and leg problems. Control of speech is very important.

Cancer:- Increase in might. Increase in political position, prestige and prestige. position of profit in economic activities. Good news status from child side. Chest pain. There will be a situation of improvement in married life or love relationship.

Leo:- Increase in sources of wealth. Family growth. New work in the family. It is very important to have restraint on speech. General obstruction in luck. Victory in competition.

Virgo:- Expansion in economic activities. A slight tension may arise regarding the couple. Good news status from child side. Might increase. You will get the support of brothers and sisters.

Libra:- There is a sign of a sudden increase in expenditure along with mental conflict. There can be positive progress regarding home and vehicle happiness. It is necessary to pay attention to health.

Scorpio:- Increase in financial gains. Good news will be received from the child side. Control anger. Improvement in married life or love relationship. Increase in might and social prestige.

Sagittarius:- Father’s support and progress in the field of work. Chest discomfort. Be cautious about the health of the mother. Profit situation for people associated with the field of speech business. An atmosphere of tension may arise from the child side.

Capricorn:- Increase in morale. Luck will get positive support. Increase in might and social position prestige. There will be a situation of good news from the progeny side. Chest pain can be stressful.

Aquarius: – Increase in home and vehicle happiness. Increase in sources of wealth. Tension may arise in the mind regarding family work. A distant journey will be indicated. There is a need to be careful about the problem of stomach and urination.

Pisces:- Increase in morale, increase in might, stress situation may arise in married life and love relations, time is right for economic activities but it is very important to control speech.

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