Neha Dhupia had become corona positive during pregnancy, faced difficulties like this

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is going to become a mother for the second time, she had revealed this through social media only last month. Talking about her pregnancy days, Neha said that during this time she had become corona positive. This period was troublesome. When Neha became corona positive, she was 24 days pregnant. He spoke openly about all these things in an interview given to Bollywood Bubble

Neha Dhupia and actor Angad Bedi have taken seven rounds together in the year 2018. Both had married secretly. After the pictures surfaced on social media, they came to know about their marriage.  After a few months of marriage, Neha gave birth to a daughter named Meher.

During this interview, Neha told that first Angad Bedi was corona positive, after which she also had mild symptoms of corona in herself. felt it. Neha said that “I was not afraid of this, I had to keep myself away, and isolate. It was a very troubling time for Angad, Meher and my staff. I was 24 days pregnant at that time. And I had to isolate with Mehr, that too at a time when cases were increasing continuously in Delhi.”



 Neha said that during this time she always used to wear a mask. “I used to sleep on the ground to stay away from Meher. Being pregnant, I had to sleep in the same position. Seeing me sleeping on the ground, Meher would say that Mama come on the bed, there is enough space here, sleep here, then I would explain to her that we are facing a fear, in such a situation we need to have courage. We had to keep up our courage, because the slightest carelessness could be dangerous.”

Neha Dhupia had told about her pregnancy in the month of July itself. She shared a picture on social media in which Angad was seen with Meher in Neha’s baby bump. Neha wrote with this that my favorite photo with the four of us.

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