Nisha Pandey takes the attention of fans not only in Bhojpuri songs but also in desi style, see PICS

Bhojpuri singer Nisha Pandey, who has a melodious voice, is well known for her simplicity, fashion sense and dance after her songs. This is reflected in her social media profile, where she is very active and keeps sharing her pictures and videos every day. Most of her pictures are in Indian clothes and her desi beauty is very much liked by her fans. This is the reason why Nisha Pandey remains a topic of discussion about her melodious voice with her fashion sense.

Nisha is a singer, but believes in living every color of life in her style. This is the reason that sometimes they are seen putting photos and sometimes music videos on their social accounts.

 अपने बयान में उन्होंने ये भी कहा था कि कोई एक ऐसा ब्राह्मण कलाकार नहीं दिखता जो लीड कर रहा है. रवि किशन भी अपने दम पर स्थापित हुए. अगर वे साउथ और हिंदी फिल्मों में जाकर अच्छा काम नहीं करते तो मुझे नहीं लगता की भोजपुरी में उनको लोग खड़ा करते और वे हमारे आइडल हैं. निशा के इस बयान पर लोगों ने जमकर प्रतिक्रिया दी और कई लोग इसमें सहमत भी नज़र आए.'

In her statement, she had also said that there is no one Brahmin artist who is leading. Ravi Kishan also established on his own. If he did not do good work in South and Hindi films, then I do not think people would have raised him in Bhojpuri and he is our idol. People reacted fiercely to this statement of Nisha and many people also seemed to agree in it.

 निशा पांडेय को निरहुआ का अभिनय और पवन सिंह की आवाज पसंद है. उन्हें खेसारी लाल यादव की कॉमेडी और स्टेज परफोर्मेंस पसंद है. वे भोजपुरी के साथ-साथ हिंदी गाने भी करती हैं.

Nisha Pandey likes Nirhua’s acting and Pawan Singh’s voice. She likes the comedy and stage performance of Khesari Lal Yadav. Along with Bhojpuri, she also performs Hindi songs.

 अब तक निशा के हिंदी में लगभग 30 से अधिक गाने आये हैं. निशा पांडेय ना ही सिर्फ भोजपुरी जगत में बल्कि हर जगह उनके फैशन सेंस और बेबाकी के चर्चे होते रहते हैं.

Till now Nisha has more than 30 songs in Hindi. Nisha Pandey is being discussed not only in Bhojpuri world but everywhere about her fashion sense and impetuosity.

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