Nutrition needs For Men: Men are at risk of these serious diseases, know how to avoid them

Men’s Health Problem: Men’s body needs many such vitamins and nutrients which help in making them healthy and strong for a long time. If there is a deficiency of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the body, then you feel unwell. It will be difficult to do house or office work properly. In many cases, men are more stressed and worried than women. That’s why you should keep checking your health from time to time. Do you know which diseases are more prone to men and how to avoid them?

diseases of men

1 – The risk of prostate cancer is much higher in men. As men get older, problems related to the prostate begin to occur in men. Many times the problem of enlarged prostate starts in men.

2 – With age, the problem of erectile dysfunction also starts in men. Even though there is no dangerous disease, but due to this they are not able to enjoy life properly and there is a problem of depression.

3 – Sexual development and appearance are also affected due to low levels of testosterone in men. It also affects the production of sperm and the sex life of men.

4 – Men also have a higher risk of heart attack than women. Heart problems become more serious due to increased cholesterol. For this, men should also keep their blood pressure under control.

5 – Men smoke more, so the risk of getting lung cancer is also higher. That’s why men should keep getting their lungs checked too.

Nutrition For Men: Men are at risk of these serious diseases, know how to avoid them

Nutrients for male health

1 – Men must include vitamins and minerals in their diet to stay healthy. For this, you can fulfill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body by taking multi-vitamins from time to time.

2 – The male body also needs folic acid. Heart and brain function properly with folic acid. Folic acid dissolves the homocysteine ​​compound and helps in thinning the blood and improving blood flow.

3 – Selenium is very important for men’s body. When the amount of selenium in the body decreases, the level of free radicals also decreases. This increases the risk of prostate cancer.

4 – With age, problems related to bones also start bothering men. For this, you should include foods and supplements rich in vitamin D and calcium.

5 – Vitamin B complex is also essential for men’s body. Due to this the brain remains healthy and the problem of forgetting in old age is less. Vitamin B12 is needed to keep the body healthy and active.

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