OBC List: After Lok Sabha, OBC Reservation Bill also passed from Rajya Sabha today

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OBC List: After being passed by the Lok Sabha, the OBC Reservation Amendment Bill was also passed by the Rajya Sabha today. This is the first day of the monsoon session in the Rajya Sabha when such a long discussion has taken place on a bill. During the discussion on this bill, almost all the parties unanimously supported the bill.

in all states 50 Cent Reservation limit has already been filled- Sindhvi

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Discussion on OBC bill started with the proposal of Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Virendra Kumar in Rajya Sabha. Soon after, Congress MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi, while supporting the bill, termed the bill meaningless. Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that through the OBC bill, the government is handing over a paper document to the states. This is meaningless as the reservation limit has already crossed 50 per cent in 80 per cent of the states of the country. Now what will the state do by making a new list of OBCs? This is a vessel that is empty. There is 80 percent reservation in Nagaland, Mizoram, 65 percent in Maharashtra, similarly other states also have reservation.

BJP gave this argument to take credit for implementing Mandal Commission

BJP MP from Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi said that I have stood in support of the Constitution Amendment Bill. The backwards got respect only from those governments in which Jan Sangh and BJP were involved. People of Jana Sangh were involved in that government of VP Singh which implemented the Mandal Commission. In the case of professors and assistant professors, the Modi government considered the university as a unit instead of a department. We put a picture of Ambedkar in the Central Hall of Parliament. Ambedkar was given Bharat Ratna 34 years after his death with our cooperation. Sushil Modi quoted the statement of RSS’s Dattatreya Hosabale in the House that reservation will be there as long as it is needed in the society. Sushil Modi said that in 2024 also Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be made because he will do Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas and no one else will.

AAP MP surrounded UP government on the pretext of bill

AAP MP Sanjay Singh said that I support the bill. This is the same BJP whose Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s rule ate 18,000 jobs of backwards. How big a lie did he lie on the Mandal in the House? At the time of the Mandal, they had left with the Kamandal. They steal donations in the temple. The Hathras incident takes place in UP due to the condition of the Dalits in UP, Jai Prakash Pal was murdered in front of the SDM in Ballia. Under his rule, Dalits are killed for having a moustache. Also bring a bill to increase the 50 percent reservation limit, otherwise this OBC bill is just a sham. When I raised the matter of donation theft, 15 cases were filed against me. Want to make me a gangster. The voice of the farmers is not being heard.

Left parties also supported the bill

CPI MP from Kerala Binoy Viswam said that I support this bill. This is an urgent bill. The work of toppling VP Singh’s government was done by the people of this BJP and today here Sushil Modi wants to take credit in the Mandal by quoting VP Singh. BJP only knows how to lie. They had come against Mandal with a kamandal. They have done the work of dividing the Hindu society. And now cheating the public. Modi government is killing Dalits. I support the bill and oppose the politics of the government.

50 Cent Government-Congress also brought a bill to increase the limit of

Congress MP Rajmani Patel said that the only thing we can say about this bill from Madhya Pradesh is that the dead bodies are the same but the shroud has changed. This bill is only a rectification of the mistake of the government. 52 percent are OBC in this country. The intention of the government towards OBC is not right. They were opposing Mandal’s taxes. Nowhere in Madhya Pradesh, 27 percent reservation of OBCs is being followed. There is a total reservation of 74 percent in Madhya Pradesh. But due to the 50 percent limit being from the Supreme Court, it is not being followed. Therefore this limit should be increased. There should be a caste census. Only then the OBC can get the benefit of the policies of the government. The creamy layer should be eliminated.

‘Dalits are competing to become friends on the pretext of the bill’

BJP MP Harnath Singh Yadav said that I have stood in support of the bill. Congress always harmed the underprivileged but Mulayam Singh Yadav also never tried to give constitutional status to the backward commission. The Congress did not allow the farmer’s son Patel to become the Prime Minister. Jagjivan insulted Ram. On the other hand, Congress MPs including Mallikarjun Kharge reminded the BJP of the history of bringing Kamandal against Mandal.

Social Justice Minister’s reply in the House

Social Justice Minister Virendra Kumar, while replying to the discussion on the OBC bill, said that there should be a discussion on increasing the 50 percent limit of reservation because this rule was implemented 30 years ago and now the circumstances have changed. By saying this, the government actually pointed to supporting the demand of the opposition itself. All the opposition parties, including the Congress, had said during the discussion on the bill that without increasing the limit of reservation, there would be no meaningful use of the OBC bill.

Virendra Kumar said in his reply that I am very happy that the whole house is in support. Our government is committed to social justice. The steps taken by our government for the OBC category shows this. This decision has come in the Maratha reservation by the state government, the High Court while upholding the Constitution 102, said that this amendment cannot hurt the basic structure of the constitution and said that the OBC commission will be decided according to the National Backward Commission and the state government. deprived of.


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