On Pegasus espionage case, the Supreme Court said – avoid debating the issues of social media and websites

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today heard the petitions filed in the Pegasus case. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta has sought some time to take instructions from the government. The court has fixed August 16 for hearing the matter. Along with this, the parties have been asked to be disciplined and avoid debating the issues on social media and websites. The court also did not say that we are not opposed to the debate, but when the matter is in the court, it should be discussed here.

As soon as the hearing of the case started, the Chief Justice first asked whether the copy of the petitions was given to the government. The Solicitor General said, “Except one (Yashwant Sinha), everyone’s copy has been received. are reading now. Instructions have to be taken from the government. Give time till Friday. On this, the CJI said, “We have some problem on Friday. Will put it on Monday. Whatever petitioners are in front of us, keep talking in front of us. Answer our questions. If you want to talk on media or social media, then a different matter.” We expect you not to run parallel process. We ask questions, answer them here. There has to be some discipline.”

Kapil Sibal and other lawyers agreed with the matter. Kapil Sibal also mentioned the action of the California court. The next hearing on the Pegasus case will now be held in the Supreme Court on Monday.

What happened at the last hearing
The petitions filed on Pegasus espionage have demanded that the Supreme Court order an inquiry into the allegations of espionage. Last week, the court had asked all the petitioners to submit their petition to the central government. The court had made it clear that it would decide whether to issue a formal notice on the matter only after hearing the Centre’s reply. The court had also said that the allegations are serious, but the petitions have been filed without any concrete evidence.

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