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OTT video streaming has skyrocketed and changed the media industry completely. Viewers are cutting the cord and switching to online streaming platforms for more convenient content consumption. Why? There are multiple reasons: starting from lower prices and general accessibility that online streaming services offer.

OTT, or over-the-top, is a distribution model that allows a content provider to deliver videos straight to viewers’ devices over the Internet. It brings multiple benefits for a business and a viewer. Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

OTT vs. Cable TV: 4 Reasons Why OTT is Better Than Cable

#1 OTT platforms allow viewers to watch content whenever they want

Cable television sets a schedule so that every program starts at its particular time. If a viewer misses it, they can only watch it another time if the program repeats some other day. But usually, this is it – you miss a program.

One of the greatest things about OTT is it allows you to avoid these troubles. An OTT platform offers content that is available at any time – it is called VOD or video-on-demand. There are no time frames tying people’s free time.

The absence of a schedule allows people to manage their time and content consumption more freely. The days of attempts to make it in time are over. Now, viewers control when they watch their favorite videos, not the TV company.

Moreover, IPTV/OTT technology allows providers to stream TV programming via the Internet. For example, it is possible to watch Albanian TV live or use the catch-up feature to watch it later.

#2 OTT operates across all platforms

OTT video streaming services usually offer content everywhere a user can connect to the Internet. As a result, people are streaming videos across more platforms than cable TV can cover.

Instead of being tied only to a TV set at home, viewers consume content whenever they want on any device they want, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and TVs. Given that multiple people prefer viewing content on any device other than a TV, multi-platform functionality is a huge advantage of OTT.

Viewers get to watch your content whenever they want: in the cafe, park, on a subway, during cooking, and so on. And you receive a higher retention rate and increased time people spend on your platform.

#3 OTT platforms bring more content for less money

Content reigns supreme. If a person doesn’t like your content, they simply leave the platform. There is no scrolling and settling for less, as often happens with television programming. For this reason, content creators invest a lot in producing high-quality content regardless of the type: entertainment, news, or educational videos.

Additionally, OTT platforms are usually less expensive than cable or satellite, which makes them more alluring for viewers. They charge differently depending on the business model, and each viewer can find payment options more suitable for their budget.

To conclude, you bring content that people want straight to their devices for less money.

#4 It is easier to launch your own OTT platform to monetize content

As a content creator, you likely want your content to be watched and appreciated by multiple viewers. Launching your own OTT platform means avoiding censoring your videos and meeting the third-party requirements for their production.

Moreover, you don’t need to create all the necessary software since there are many offerings in the market with various feature sets. You can find the one suitable for your business goals.

The right solution will have diverse functionality so that you can generate revenue by producing videos: from monetization models to multi-platform capabilities and a content delivery network.

Drawing the Line

The OTT distribution method changed the media industry providing multiple opportunities for a business and a viewer. Users can watch videos when, where, and how they want for less money, enjoying the variety of content. A business, in turn, can create content and deliver it straight to viewers’ devices, bypassing gatekeepers.

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