Pakistan took this step to please its ‘evergreen friend’ China

Pakistan Replace Belt And Road Project Chief: Pakistan is ready to take every step to please its ‘evergreen’ friend China, even if it has to face resentment from the global fraternity. On the other hand, he does not want to annoy his friend by keeping silent about the atrocities and human rights violations of Uighur Muslims openly in China.

According to Nikkei Asia, now Pakistan has replaced former Army General Asim Saleem Bajwa as Chief Energy Expert of the Belt and Road Project, who is considered very close to Beijing. On August 3, Pakistan has given Khalid Mansoor the responsibility of the top post of SAPAC i.e. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor costing $ 50 billion.

According to Nikkei Asia reports, Khalid Mansoor in his career spanning 32 years has held top positions in energy-related companies such as Sindh Inergo Coal Mining and Hub Power Co. Ltd., companies that later engaged in CPEC projects.

Pakistan’s Planning Minister Asad Umar said on Twitter- I welcome Khalid Mansoor as SAPM of CPEC Affairs. His vast corporate experience working with Chinese companies and his direct involvement in leading the largest CPEC projects make him an ideal person to lead the next phase of CPEC.

Many projects under CPEC, including the energy sector, are currently running very late due to the Corona epidemic and many other reasons. CPEC, which is being built at a cost of millions of dollars, has not been able to complete its projects during the last three years.

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