Pawan Singh’s Video song ‘Geruaa Odhaniya’ released

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Pawan Singh is also now releasing his back to back Sawan Song, through which he wants to compete with Khesari Lal Yadav. Recently his new Kanwar song ‘Geruaa Odhaniya’ has been released in which he is seen with Bhojpuri actress Smriti Sinha.

This song has been sung in association with Pawan Singh’s trending single Shilpi Raj and it has got millions of views. ‘Geruaa Odhaniya’ has been released by Power Star on its official YouTube channel Pawan Singh Official on 22 July 2022.

Shilpi Raj Singh Phir Aaya Power Star’s Kanwar Song

In the video, Pawan Singh and Smriti Sinha can be seen dancing fiercely for Kanwar wearing Rudraksh garland in traditional attire. Lyrics of Bolbam Song are written by Vijay Chauhan and its music director is Arya Sharma.

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Both the stars of this music album are dancing on the instructions of Bobby Jackson and Goldie Jaiswal has directed it. The way the views of the song are increasing, it seems that by this evening only it will join the million club. Till the time of making the news, it has been seen by about 7 lakh people.

‘Le Jaat Badu Deoghar’ is also making a splash

Earlier in the holy month of Sawan, the Kanwar song ‘Le Jaat Badu Deoghar’ by Record Machine Power Star Pawan Singh was released. Singer Shilpi Raj has also sung this Bol Bam Kanwar song in his melodious voice.

The new Bhojpuri song is full of jija sali ke nok jhok and in this he is seen with Akanksha Dubey. In the video, both the stars are seen in open gypsy, which is decorated with flower garlands like kanwar.

In the song Pawan Singh sings that ‘Aili Baharwa se gharwa, le jaat badu deoghar bhagle bhagle…’ On this Shilpi Raj sang in the female voice that ‘Rahiya mein crowd badi lagle e jija jagle jagle… gadiya chalain next bugle a. Jija Jagle Jagle…’ Whoever understands Bhojpuri will definitely like this Kanwar song.

This song has been released on 17 July 2022 on the official YouTube channel of Wave Music Company. So far it has got more than 93 lakh ie 9.3 million views and is very close to 1 crore.

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