Pop star Aryana Sayeed managed to get out of Afghanistan after Taliban capture, shared her ordeal on social media

Aryana Sayeed left Kabul: Afghanistan’s biggest female pop star Aryana Sayed is among the few Afghan women who have managed to catch a US flight from Kabul. After the Taliban occupation of Kabul, people are forced to leave the country in panic due to the chaotic atmosphere, but only a select few have succeeded in this and Aryana has mentioned this in her Instagram post after leaving Afghanistan.

Aryana wrote, I am fine and alive, after many many unforgettable nights I have reached Doha, Qatar and I am waiting to catch my flight to my home Istanbul. I hope and pray that amidst the current circumstances, some lovely people will be able to live a peaceful life without the fear of suicide bombers and blasts. My prayers and prayers will always be with you. I had said in a recent interview that I will be the last soldier of my motherland and see what happened. I want to express my gratitude to those people and well wishers who were worrying about me amidst the current situation in Afghanistan. When I reach home I will share many stories with you all. Right now it will take me some time to get back to normal as I have come out of the world of deception and shock.

Let us tell you that 36-year-old Aryana was the judge of a singing competition on Afghan television. According to media reports, she was able to leave Afghanistan through a US cargo jet.

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