Positive Story: Dark night and torrential rain, this railway employee did this big work by walking 7 KM

Kota. A small employee of Kota Railway Division remains a topic of discussion in the railway department. The work that the employee has done for the railways in the dark night amid heavy rain in Kota division has become an example for other employees today. In the midst of the heavy rains that crippled rail and road traffic, this employee walked for seven kilometers in silent darkness and performed his duty with the determination that thousands of people were saved from trouble. All the railway officers employees of Kota Division including DRM Pankaj Sharma are appreciating his devotion and devotion to duty.

This employee is Rahul. He is working as MCF in Lakheri, Kota Division. On the night of 3 August, his recent duty was to attend the failure in Indragarh. It was raining heavily during that time. In such circumstances, Rahul was doing his work diligently. In the meantime, Rahul fixed the communication system of level crossing gate number 137 by walking two kilometers. Axle attended the counter.

Unique example of devotion and loyalty to duty
After that, at around 1.30 pm, information was received that the yard between Indergarh Lakheri has been flooded. Track circuits are not working. Due to water filling in the point machine, there has been a disruption in the communication system. It was very important to fix it in order to keep the rail operation smooth. But there was neither road nor any train or goods train to reach Lakheri. Even the highway was jammed. In such a situation, he set a unique example of devotion and loyalty towards duty.

Checked all the points and made them normal
Rahul decided to go to the spot on the side of the railway track. Rahul reached Lakheri by walking about seven kilometers in the dark of night in heavy rain and fixed all the gears. Drained water from motors. Checking all the points made them normal. Due to this, the communication system of the railway was improved and rail operations started smoothly. Today everyone is saluting the lofty spirits and inspirational work of MCF Rahul.

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