Powerful broadband plans come with 500Mbps high-speed! You will get unlimited internet data

People need high speed internet for corona pandemic and work from home. In such a situation, many broadband plans companies have introduced their special offers and high-speed internet plans. Increasing the demand for high speed internet, some companies are offering up to 1 Gbps speed. If you are also doing office work from home and are looking for a good broadband plan, then there are many types of plans available for you. So let us tell you today about such high internet speed plans which are offered by Tata Sky and Spectra.

Tata Sky Strong Broadband Plans: Tata Sky’s Rs 2,300 broadband plan comes with a high speed of 500 Mbps. Customers are given up to 3300 GB for full month usage.

The company claims 99.9% up time on its broadband network. In this broadband plan of Tata Sky, users are not given any kind of OTT benefits.

Spectra Rs 1,599 broadband plan

In Spectra’s Rs 1,599 broadband plan, users are given high speed of 500 Mbps. In the year-long plan, users are given unlimited data for the entire month. To use this broadband, users have to pay Rs 1,000 as installation charge and Rs 2,000 as security deposit.

However, this Rs 2,000 given by the users is refundable. In this broadband plan of 1,599, 750 GB data is given to the user for the whole month. If customers opt for the 6-month plan, then they are given data up to 1,500 GB, while in the 12-month plan, users are given unlimited data for the whole year.

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