Recommendation of Parliamentary Committee: Government put money in workers’ account in situations like Covid, government woke up late on migrant workers

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New Delhi: The Parliamentary Standing Committee attached to the Ministry of Labor has recommended to the government to help the workers by giving them direct money when a situation like lock-down arises due to Corona. The committee presented its report in Parliament on Tuesday on the topic ‘Impact of Corona on rising unemployment in the organized and unorganized sector’. The committee said in the report that out of the total 465 million workers of India, about 42 crores i.e. about 90 percent is of the workers of the unorganized sector.

The committee believes that due to its structure and seasonal employment, the unorganized sector has been hit the most by Corona, so the workers of this sector need help the most. To help the workers of the unorganized sector, the committee has talked about taking quick measures in the long run as well. In this connection, the committee has recommended to the government to transfer money directly to the workers’ account in times of calamity like Corona.

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The committee also pulled up the government 
The committee headed by BJD MP Bhartruhari Mahtab has reprimanded the government for the condition of migrant workers returning home on foot during the first wave of Corona. According to the committee, the government took too long to help the migrant laborers returning home, due to which their condition became more pathetic. The committee expressed surprise that when the whole country was watching the heart-wrenching scene of migrant workers returning home on foot, the government waited for nearly two months to collect information about such people.

It has been said in the report that on June 9, 2020, the government woke up only after the direction from the Supreme Court and the state governments were asked to collect data, which is enough to show the laxity of the labor ministry. According to the report, about 1.15 lakh migrant workers returned home during the lock down imposed in the first wave of Corona. The largest number of these was from Uttar Pradesh where about 32 lakh migrant laborers returned to their homes. Similarly, apart from other states, the workers of Bihar (15 lakh) and Bengal (13.5 lakh) returned to their states.

Why the database of laborers has not been ready yet?
The committee in its report has expressed concern that despite repeated warnings, the government has failed to prepare the database of workers in the unorganized sector. It’s so late. The committee believes that in a situation like Corona, such a database can be used to help the workers. The committee has warned the government that such delay in this work is beyond tolerable. However, the government has assured the committee that by August 15 this year, the workers’ database would be ready.

How many people became unemployed during Corona ? 
While the government has not given the most important figure to the committee, for which the committee started its work. That is, the number and nature of unemployed people during the Corona period. According to the report, the government has started a new formula from the year 2017 to calculate the unemployment rate in the country. The government has informed the committee that the new formula is closer to reality and therefore more reliable. However, according to the Ministry of Labor, unemployment figures are being collected during Corona till now under the new formula and it will come in the report of the year 2020-21 only.


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