Recruitment activity crosses pre-pandemic levels, peaks in July: Report

Photo:PIXABAYRecruitment activity crosses pre-pandemic levels, peaks in July: Report

MUMBAI: Recruitment activities in the country reached their highest level in July, up 11 per cent over the previous month. This marks a strong return to the recovery and economic revival of the business sector affected by COVID-19. According to the latest JobSpeaks Index report, 2,625 job advertisements were seen in July as against 2,359 in June. This is also the highest level ever, including the level before Covid.

The report said that the Indian job market has registered a growth for the second consecutive month as compared to the previous month. After a fall in April and May due to the second wave of Corona, there was a 15 percent increase in appointments in June. Jobs JobSpeak is a monthly index that calculates and records placement activities based on jobs being posted on the website.

According to the report, with the continuous move towards digitization of business, the IT-software sector has seen an 18 percent increase in hiring activities in July as compared to June. The report said that all sectors remained in a positive direction with an 11 percent increase in recruitment activities in July. Due to which the job seeker got relief. The hotel, restaurant, aviation (36 per cent), travel and retail (17 per cent) sectors, which were hit hard during the pandemic, continued to increase for the second consecutive month in hiring activities.

On the other hand, accounting, taxation, finance increased by 27 per cent, quick consumption goods (FMCG) 17 per cent, banking and services sector 13 per cent, education, teaching sector in July as compared to June. There was an increase in appointments on month-on-month basis during July in all the four metropolitan cities of the country. It was 13 per cent in Delhi, 10 per cent in Mumbai-Chennai recruitment activities and 4 per cent in Kolkata.

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