Red Planet Day 2022: Today is Mars Day, Do you know why this day is celebrated..?

Red Planet Day 2022 : Every year November 28 is celebrated as Red Planet Day. There is a reason for this in history. On November 28, 1964, the Mariner 4 spacecraft was launched into Ninggi. This is the spacecraft sent for Arunagraha. Mars, which is the fourth planet from the sun, has red clay. That is why it is called Red Planet.
There is very little weather on it. Sandstorms are frequent. The whole is reminiscent of a desert. Aruna Graha has another specialty. There is a frozen lake on the northern side of the planet. It is not yet known whether the ice in it is water or something else. There are mountains, valleys and volcanoes on this planet. This planet has almost the characteristics of Earth.On November 28, 1964, the Mariner spacecraft went into orbit. After traveling for about 8 months, it reached Mars on July 14, 1965. It orbited it. No other spacecraft had gone there before Mariner. Through this NASA scientists learned some things about Arunagraha. This is the first mission to show Arunagraha at its closest.

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With the good news provided by the Mariner, we have hope that another planet will be habitable. That is why NASA is doing more experiments and tests on Mars than on any other planet. NASA is getting ready to send astronauts there soon. Galileo Galilei was the first to see Mars with a telescope. It is named after the Roman god Mars.

Mars is 8.2 crore kilometers away from Earth. Hence, the night temperature there is minus 65 degrees Celsius. So living there is not easy. Mars is less attractive. That is.. a person who weighs 75 kg on Earth.. will be 25 kg on Mars. Mars takes 687 days to orbit the Sun once. It will take about two years. Mars is one of the planets that we can see with our normal eyes. Mars has two moons.

The reason why Mars is red is:
According to astrology Navagrahas are very special. But Mars has many special features in it. All zodiac signs seek the favor of Mars. According to Puranas.. Mars was born by the grace of Lord Shiva. That is why it is also known as Angarakudi Mathrumurthy. In our India Navagrahas have different temples for each planet. Although there are many temples to Mars, which is called the red planet, the temple we are going to talk about here has a very special place.

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Moreover, for this planet to be red.. this temple is very closely related. That is why people with Angaraka dosha come here from all over the world to liberate that planet. On this occasion, let’s know some interesting facts about that temple and Angaraku.

Lord Shiva’s boon:
According to the Avantika Khanda of the Skanda Puranas, Lord Shiva gave a boon to the demon Andhakasura that hundreds of demons would be born from his blood. Later, Lord Parameshwara himself fought with Andhakasura to remove the sufferings of the devotees. There was a big war between them. Shiva’s sweat flowed in this fight. Due to the heat of that sweat, the ground split in two in Ujjain and the planet Mars was born. After that Lord Parameshwara defeated the Asura and absorbed the drops of blood of the newly created Angaraka Rakshasa.

In red color because..?
Scholars say that at that time Mars was red in color. Moreover.. In many temples Mars is worshiped as an avatar of Lord God. It is believed that by praying to Mars, any malefic in one’s horoscope will be removed. As a result, this temple is believed to absorb all the calamities of the devotees. Mars is also known as the son of Shiva-Prudhvi. That is why Lord Parameswara is worshiped in Angaraku’s temple. Especially on the day of Angaraka Chaturthi, Yajnayagas are performed in the temple of Lord Parameswara. He is believed to be satisfied by worshiping Mars today.

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