Russia’s military cargo plane crashes, a plume of smoke was seen after the accident

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Russia's military cargo plane crashes
Russia’s military cargo plane crashes, a plume of smoke was seen after the crash

Moscow: Russian military cargo plane has crashed. This plane has crashed near Moscow. After this accident, the plane turned into a ball of fire. A plume of smoke has been seen as soon as the plane crashed. The fire appears to have started while the plane was in the air. There is no update on how many people were present in the plane during this accident.

Russian plane sent to extinguish forest fire crashes, eight people dead

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Earlier in another incident, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that a Russian plane sent to extinguish a forest fire crashed in a mountainous area in southern Turkey, killing eight people, including the crew. Went. The Russian ministry said the Beriev Be-200 plane crashed while trying to land in Turkey’s Adana Prat, Turkish state media reported. Five Russians and three Turkish nationals were on board.

He said that a team has been sent to the area to investigate the incident. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Kavusoglu tweeted that Turkey has tried to put out some 300 forest fires in the past 16 days. At the same time, northern Turkey has been affected by floods this week where at least 44 people have died in it.

Investigating reports of Afghan plane crash: Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s Defense Ministry said earlier on Monday that it was investigating reports that a plane had crashed, carrying symbols identifying the Afghan military. Uzbek media reports said a plane crashed in the country’s southeast on Sunday evening. This place is not far from the Afghanistan border. A defense ministry spokesman told Russia’s state-run news agency Ria Novosti that the ministry was conducting an “in-depth investigation” through videos and reports available online. He said the findings of the investigation would be made public soon.


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