School Open in UP: Schools opened amidst fear and apprehension, enthusiasm among children and concern among parents

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School Open in UP: Schools have opened for the first time today after the pace of the second wave of the Corona epidemic slowed down. The school managers are following all the guidelines issued by the government. At the same time, some children are looking very excited due to the opening of the school, while some children and parents are still scared. At present, the students are reaching the school following the rules.

Schools opened with guidelines

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Schools have been opened in Noida today with the new guidelines of the state government. All the schools are following the guidelines issued by the government and the children are also looking very excited to come to the school. In a special conversation with ABP Ganga, the children told that, they were facing a lot of difficulty in studying online, which is why they were demanding offline classes, but the way the government has allowed schools to open today. He is very happy with that, because the studies he has now will be done in a good way.

Problem in online

Students say that in the online network, many times classes were missed due to the network. But there is nothing like this in offline. There the teachers will teach and the children understand everything very well, so the children were in favor of offline classes from the beginning. But in view of the way the second wave of the Corona global epidemic had spread its feet, the government had completely closed all the schools.

Schools were opened with 50 percent children

But now the government has succeeded to a great extent on the corona global epidemic in the state. This is the reason, now schools have been allowed to open conditionally and schools have also allowed only 50 percent children to come to school, following the rules. Also, online classes are going on for the children who are not reaching school, that is, the children who are present in the school and what they are being taught, the same class is also running online.

School will run in two shifts

Schools have been opened in two shifts. In the first shift, from 8:00 am to 12:00, children will study in school, after that the second shift will start at 12:30 and will continue till 5:00 pm. The school administration is also taking full precautions by following the guidelines issued by the government. This is the reason that circles have been made for children to enter the school, so that social distancing can be followed. Also, preparations related to the rescue of Kovid-19 have been made at the school gate, so that the children should be checked for their temperature as soon as they enter the school and they are allowed to enter the school only after sanitizing their hands. If the child who does not have a mask on his face, he will not be allowed to enter the school.

Caution at every level

Keeping in mind the corona epidemic, the school manager is not allowing any outsider inside the class. Because he believes that the safety of children is the most important, so the risk of children getting infected increases due to the entry of an outsider. Therefore, thermal screening and hand sanitization of teachers who are teaching children are also being done, as well as RTPCR report of Kovid-19 has also been taken from all the teachers.

If we talk, some children are very excited about the opening of the school, but still a large number of children and parents are not in favor of opening the school, and they are so scared about this epidemic that they are still taking care of their child. Want to give online education. That is, overall it can be said that the school is also strictly following the rules and this is the reason why children are also seen following the protocol.


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