Shakira and Gerard Pique’s relationship ended after 12 years, footballer accused of cheating

Singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique have ended their relationship. Both were in a relationship for 12 years. He has confirmed this by issuing an official statement. Earlier there were reports that Gerard had cheated on Shakira. He was seen with a woman. On Saturday, the couple said in their statement that they are sad to inform that they are separating. He told that his children are his priority and everyone should respect his privacy.

Confirmed Breakup

Shakira and Gerard issued a statement saying, ‘We are sad to confirm that we are separating. For the well being of our children, who are our top priority. We want you to respect our privacy. Thank you for your understanding.’

How did you meet?

Gerard, 35, hails from Spain and has been a defender of the Spain football team. They met during the 2010 World Cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’, when Shakira was promoting. Both are together since 2011. They have two children Sasha and Milan. Their first child was born in 2013 and second child was born in 2015. Although the couple has not married. Shakira is 10 years older than Gerard.

Living apart for several weeks
According to the report, Shakira and Gerard have been living separately for several weeks. The couple decided to part ways after Gerard had an affair with another woman. In 2019, there was a hemorrhage in Shakira’s vocal cards. At that time he had said that there were problems in their relationship but there was no fight between them.

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