Shivraj government will give 31 lakh rupees to each member of women’s hockey team, Chief Minister said – do not let her heart break


Indian Women’s Hockey Team: Even though the Indian women’s hockey team could not win any medal in the Olympic Games played in Tokyo, it has definitely won the hearts of crores of Indians. The women’s hockey team, which has created history with its stamina and perseverance, lost its dream of winning its first Olympic medal when Britain defeated them 4-3 in a thrilling bronze medal bout. However, despite this defeat, everyone is praising this team. Now the name of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also been added to this episode.

The entire nation is proud of the Indian team’s historic performance in the Tokyo Olympics. This was the first time that the Indian women’s hockey team had come to play a match for a medal in the Olympics. Seeing the strong performance of the Indian women’s hockey team in the Tokyo Olympics, the entire country is confident that this team will definitely bring a medal for India in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also become a fan after seeing the spirit of the women’s hockey team. Today he announced that the Madhya Pradesh government will give Rs 31 lakh to each member of the women’s hockey team.

The Chief Minister said, “The Indian women’s hockey team has also done wonders! We have decided that if we win, we get a prize, but even if we lose, each of our daughters will be honored with a samman nidhi of Rs 31 lakh. They are heartbroken. Not to give, to encourage them.



The Indian women’s hockey team finished fourth in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. India’s previous best performance at the Olympics was in 1980 when the women’s team finished fourth. There were no semi-finals at that time and six teams played on a round-robin basis, of which two advanced to the final.

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