Since last year, 1952 railway employees have died due to Corona- Railways informed

The number of corona cases is increasing continuously throughout the country. People from every region are being found infected with the corona virus. Meanwhile, the railways have given a lot of information. Around one thousand railway personnel are being found infected with the corona virus every day across the country. At the same time, 1952 railway employees have died due to corona since last year. While giving the information, Chairman of the Railway Board Sunit Sharma said, “We are helping people at the moment but our situation is also not good. Every day about one thousand employees are getting infected with Corona virus. Since last year till now 1952 rail The personnel have died from this infection.

He further said, “We are taking full care of our staff. They are also providing them the necessary medical facilities. Our effort is to get the infected employees recovered soon, so we have increased the beds for this.” He further said, “It is our duty to take care of railway employees as well as their families. In such a situation, we have also built oxygen plants in hospitals. Recently the All India Railway Main Federation wrote a letter to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal as the reason for Corona Demanded compensation of Rs 50 lakh for the railway men who died from it.

Railways helping to deliver oxygen to states

Recently, the Ministry of Railways issued a statement saying, “Oxygen has been transported to different parts of the country through 68 Oxygen Express. Through this train 293 MT in Maharashtra, 271 MT in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh 1230 MT, 555 MT in Haryana, 123 MT in Telangana, 40 MT in Rajasthan and 1,679 MT oxygen have been delivered to Delhi.

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