Stone samples collected from NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover missing, engineers work to find out

NASA’s Perseverance mission has been one of the most important missions, but now the Mars rover is facing interplanetary mystery. After the missing stone sample, engineers have started trying to find out. Their purpose is to know what went wrong when the Mars Perseverance rover tried to collect the stone on Mars. Although the robot’s mechanism was working properly, it was found empty when the metal tube that collected the stones and soil samples was examined.

Stone samples missing from Mars Perseverance Rover

On Friday, NASA said that the data indicated that “no stone was collected during the initial sampling activity”. This puzzle can be solved with more pictures and telemetry of Mars. The team working on the mission believes that the defects cannot be attributed to the texture of the rocks of Mars. “Over the next few days, most of the team’s time will be spent analyzing the data and trying to gain additional data to understand the cause of the empty tube,” said Jennifer Trasper, project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, the US space agency.

Ancient life of Mars could be known

The digging mechanism is present at the end of the two meter long robotic arm of Perseverance. The Mars Perseverance rover was successfully landed at Jezero Crater in February and its first sample was expected to excite rather than shake its head. Mars is full of mysteries. Jezero Crater is believed to be the most inhospitable part of Mars. Jezero Crater has deep gorges, sharp mountains, sharp cliffs, sand dunes and a sea of ​​boulders and is a prime site for rover searches for signs of ancient life. The effort to collect samples may not have been successful, but the team is hopeful that the effort to find out why the samples went missing will be successful.

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