Suhana Khan shared a photo from the sets of The Archies, Khushi Kapoor also gave a great pose, see PICS

Suhana Khan, the darling daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, will soon be seen spreading her flair in the acting world. Along with him, Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s daughter Khushi Kapoor are also ready for Bollywood debut. Both the star kids are about to start their acting career with ‘The Archies’. In which Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson Agastya Nanda will also be seen with him. In such a situation, this film is being discussed everywhere. Suhana and Khushi are currently busy shooting for this film to be released on Netflix in 2023 next year. These pictures of Suhana and Khushi are being liked a lot. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @suhanakhan2/@khushikapoor)

Suhana Khan, who started her acting career with Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies’, has shared some pictures from her shooting schedule from Ooty. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @suhanakhan2)

 सुहाना खान ब्लैक क्रॉप टॉप और ब्लू डेनिम में अपनी टोन्ड बॉडी को फ्लॉन्ट करती नजर आ रही हैं. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @suhanakhan2)

Suhana Khan is seen flaunting her toned body in a black crop top and blue denims. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @suhanakhan2)

 खुशी कपूर ने भी ऊटी से अपनी कुछ बेहद खूबसूरत तस्वीरें शेयर की हैं. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @khushi05k)

Khushi Kapoor has also shared some of her very beautiful pictures from Ooty. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @khushi05k)

 द आर्चीज के अपने को-स्टार्स युवराज मेंडा और वेदांग रैना के साथ सुहाना खान और खुशी कपूर. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @suhanakhan2)

Suhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor with The Archies co-stars Yuvraj Menda and Vedang Raina. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @suhanakhan2)

 युवराज मेंडा और रुद्र महवाकर के साथ पोज देते हुए सुहाना खान बेहद खूबसूरत लग रही हैं. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @suhanakhan2)

Suhana Khan looks gorgeous while posing with Yuvraj Menda and Rudra Mahwakar. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @suhanakhan2)

 खुशी कपूर और वेदांग रैना साथ में क्यूट लग रहे हैं. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @vedangraina)

Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina are looking cute together. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @vedangraina)

 वेदांग रैना और मिहिर आहुजा साथ में पोज देते हुए बेहद स्टाइलिश लग रहे हैं. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @vedangraina)

Vedang Raina and Mihir Ahuja look very stylish while posing together. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @vedangraina)

 लैदर जैकेट में पोज देते हुए वेदांग रैना बेहद हैंडसम लग रहे हैं. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @vedangraina)

Vedang Raina looks very handsome while posing in a leather jacket. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @vedangraina)

 जोया अख्तर की द आर्चीज दिसंबर 2023 में नेटफ्लिक्स पर रिलीज होगी. (फोटो साभारः इंस्टाग्रामः @suhanakhan2)

Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies will release on Netflix in December 2023. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @suhanakhan2)

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