Superstar R Madhavan shared such a magical photo that will blow your mind, even the actors were stunned!

Superstar of South Indian Cinema and actor R Madhavan, who has spread the magic of his acting in Bollywood too, is very active on social media. He often shares photos and videos related to his personal life, so that he entertains his fans and also keeps informing about the updates related to his life. Actors also share many strange things on social media which do them a lot. Recently, Madhavan has posted a photo on his Instagram which seems to be a negative copy of a picture.

Today i.e. on August 12, R Madhavan has shared a picture on his Instagram (R Madhavan Instagram), which at first sight will look like a negative copy of a photo. But when you look at that photo carefully, you will be surprised to know a fact related to the photo. This negative photo is of a girl whose long hair and face is visible but the girl’s face is not understood. There are some instructions written on the photo, following which you will see magic happening. It is written on the photo- “You keep looking at the three dots on the nose of the girl seen in the picture for about 30 seconds without blinking. After this, you raise your eyes like a ceiling and blink your eyelids quickly. Did you see the original picture of a girl full of colors?” By doing this, a colorful picture of a girl is actually being seen. Superstar Madhavan also tried it and he was so surprised by the charisma of this picture that he shared the picture on social media for everyone to experience it. Bollywood actress Esha Gupta also commented on the photo and wrote that she also saw the picture.

If you too have been surprised to see this picture and are considering it as magic, then we tell you the reason behind the magic of this picture. Actually, this phenomenon or phenomenon is called Negative or Positive After Image. This is due to the cells present in the retina of our eyes. Apart from science, we also tell you the condition of R Madhavan’s career. Madhavan is very busy with his shooting these days. Recently, he has completed shooting for Netflix’s web series ‘Decoupled’. Soon the actor will be seen in a science fiction film ‘Rocketry’ in which he played the character of scientist Nambi Narayan. Apart from this, Madhavan had posted a video yesterday in which he was going to Dubai but was completely alone in the flight. The actor has gone to Dubai for the shooting of his film ‘American Pandit’.

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