‘Suzhal’ Web Series are special, Twist is the highlight

There have been good promotions on the ‘Suzhal’ Web series. The web series has been released in almost 30 languages. Starring Aishwarya Rajesh, Parthiban, Shreya Reddy (villain in Pogaru), Kathir. With the trailer‌ came more interest on the web series. Impressed with New Age story and screenplay like Vikram Veda, Pushkar Gayatri provided the story for this web series. Directed by Brahma, followers. Let’s see what this Sudal Story is all about.

The story takes place in Tamil Nadu. In a small village called Sambalur, the people depend on a cement factory for their livelihood. A girl named Ammani disappears when the factory opens. The factory burns down almost five years later. That day a girl named Neela disappears. The factory union leader is Shanmukham (Parthiban)’s daughter Neela. For Regina (Shriya Reddy), a CI in the same town, Shanmukhan does not fall for one another.

MD Trilok (Harish Uttaman) suspects that Shanmukha was responsible for the burning of the factory. However, Shanmukham’s daughter Neela and Regina’s son disappear en masse shortly after the factory is set on fire. What are the challenges faced by Essai Chakri (Kathir) in this case? Why did Neela’s sister Nandini (Aishwarya Rajesh) leave Sonthuri and live in Coimbatore? Did Nandini have anything to do with the disappearance of the blue? What happened between the original blue and envy? Who killed those two? Do these have anything to do with Ankalamma Jatara Mayan Kollai? The whole thing goes on excitingly with interesting twists.

The Suzhal Web series runs for a total of eight episodes. Everyone acted wonderfully in this web series which was almost six hours long. Aishwarya Rajesh, Kathir, Shriya Reddy, Parthiban, Kumar Vail .. everyone was impressed. The blue, jealous characters become pivotal in all the episodes. Both of those also acted very nicely. Shriya Reddy, who acted after a long gap, impressed in the role of the police. Parthipan acted very sober in his daily style.

Written by the Pushkar Gayatri duo, the story incorporates many elements. Attempted to provide social messages. He showed that it is not true to see, that human beings appear to be one and the same .. Inkola behaves well. The man’s antics and how he acted out were shown blindfolded. Those who look good .. Are they really good? .. made me think.

And parents should be careful about their children’s upbringing .. how to interact with the children .. indirectly told what kind of freedom to give them. Children are told by their parents to take the time to understand their grief and to understand why they are behaving strangely.

Child rape is described in depth. Showed how their impact can be on children. They have shown what can happen if children are not given the freedom and time to speak up, even when repeatedly raped.

Small town .. I know everyone .. I know about everyone .. There was a rumor that .. but now it seems that everyone knows about Chakri’s dialogue in the role of essay applies to everyone. The way we look at people, the way we suspect is said to change. The story revolves around the small village and the people in it.

As each episode goes on .. the devastating elements come out. In that small town, a love story and an illicit affair all come out. The suspense was maintained until the end. Who actually committed those murders? Why did it have to be done? Everyone will be amazed when they know the reasons that led to it. Who is the villain? Said Norellabette.

The atmosphere of the village, the fair scenes, the Munnar locations are all wonderfully portrayed by the cinematographer. The production values ​​and the editing section are all well done.

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