Taliban captures third largest city in Afghanistan, 11 out of 34 provincial capitals

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Kabul: Amidst the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban on Thursday captured another important provincial capital and the country’s third largest city near Kabul, taking it together with the terrorists. The organization has so far captured 11 of the 34 provincial capitals.

Taliban capture Herat

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The capture of Herat is the biggest success for the Taliban so far. At the same time, with the Taliban occupation of Ghazni, an important highway connecting the capital of Afghanistan to the southern provinces has been cut. US and NATO soldiers came to Afghanistan about 20 years ago and overthrew the Taliban government.

Taliban increased activities before withdrawal of US forces

Now a few weeks before the full withdrawal of American forces, the Taliban have increased activities. On the one hand, there is a direct threat to Kabul, while the Taliban’s hold on about two-thirds of the country seems to be tightening. Thousands of people have left their homes because they fear that the repressive Taliban rule may come again.

Kabul will be under Taliban control within 30 days

The US military’s latest military intelligence assessment suggests that Kabul could come under pressure from extremists within 30 days and could gain control of the entire country in a few months if the current situation persists. Afghan security forces and the government are not ready to comment on the ongoing fighting for several days. The government may be forced to retract its steps to save the capital and some other cities as thousands of people displaced by the fighting have fled to Kabul and are living in open spaces and parks.


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