Taliban take over Afghanistan: How was the first day of Taliban rule in Afghanistan

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Taliban take over Afghanistan: The Taliban have captured the whole of Afghanistan just two weeks before the full withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan. Afghan security forces trained by the US and its allies succumbed. The country was occupied by the Taliban in the late 1990s and is now in control once again. Know how was the first day of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Captured Rashtrapati Bhavan in Kabul

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The Taliban claimed to have captured the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Kabul early yesterday. With this, the whole of Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban yesterday. There was chaos everywhere. People were forced to leave their own country for fear of saving their lives and the Taliban. Earlier, President Ashraf Ghani had left the country earlier on Sunday.

Taliban fighters reach Kabul from all sides

Taliban fighters arrived in Kabul from all sides and there were some reports of sporadic firing around the city. The BBC has claimed in a report by an NGO running a hospital in Kabul that more than 40 people have reached their hospital. Most have come from the Karabagh area, where the fighting is taking place.

Taliban official statement

The Taliban issued a statement under the banner of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, saying the group has now been allowed to enter Kabul. The statement claimed that the Afghan police and other relevant institutions abandoned their duties and, to prevent theft, looting and crime, the group’s forces were allowed to enter the capital. The statement said the Taliban would secure areas left by Afghan forces in Kabul.

Taliban assures security to civilians

“We assure all embassies, diplomatic missions, institutions and residences of foreign nationals in Kabul that they are not at risk,” Muhammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha, was quoted as saying on Sunday evening. He stressed that the forces of the Taliban movement have been tasked with maintaining security in Kabul and other cities in the country.

Former President Hamid Karzai did not get the plane

Former President Hamid Karzai International Airport was packed with tens of thousands of passengers waiting for flights out of the country, but they could not find any planes.

The people of Afghanistan are afraid of the Taliban

The rebels created a furor throughout the country and within a few days captured all the major cities. The people of Afghanistan, who have seen the brutality of the Taliban, are feeling themselves insecure. The huge crowd at Kabul airport to leave the country makes it very clear to what extent people are intimidated by the Taliban.

At Kabul Airport 7 death of people

At least seven people died in the chaos at Kabul airport. Three Afghan civilians were among the dead, who were hanged from parts of a US Air Force plane. Kabul airport was closed yesterday. However, now it has been reopened after the arrival of 3000 US soldiers.


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