Talk about work! Emails can be easily scheduled on Gmail, will be sent on time

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Sending emails to each other and receiving emails is a common practice. We send mail to make communication easier, and email is also used for people who live in a different time zone. In such a case, sometimes due to the time difference, we are not able to message at the right time. So in view of this problem of users, Gmail gives users the option to schedule made. This service of Gmail is for both mobile and desktop interface.

So let us tell you today about a way by which you can schedule mail on Gmail if you want.

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How to Schedule… on Android and iPhone

>> First of all, compose the email on the Gmail app of Android or iOS, then tap on the three dots next to the Send button.

>>After clicking on three buttons tap on tap on ‘Schedule send’.

>> You can click on ‘Pick date & time’ to schedule or you can schedule email by selecting the preset time.

>>Once selecting the ‘Pick date & time’ option, select the date and time and click on ‘Schedule send’.

How to Schedule Gmail Mail on the Web…

Step 1- Compose a mail on Gmail in your web browser, then tap on the blue button next to the send button, which shows the arrow at the bottom.

Step 2- Now tap on ‘Schedule Send’ to schedule your email.

Step 3- In the option that appears, you will show some current time, which you can select according to your own. If you have thought of any time then just you have to go to ‘Select date & time’ option.

Step 4- Now tap on the date and select any one time at which you want to send the mail.

Note: Once you have scheduled your email, your email will be in the ‘Scheduled’ folder and will be sent automatically at the scheduled time. Before sending, the user can edit, cancel, reschedule or delete the email message whenever he wants.


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