TB Cases: 25% less cases of TB reported in 2020, situation improved or testing was less, know here

TB Cases: There has been a decrease of 25 percent in TB cases in 2020 as compared to the year 2019. The Union Health Ministry gave this information in the Lok Sabha during the monsoon session. However, experts believe that the main reason for this decrease in TB cases is the lockdown and other restrictions imposed due to corona. According to experts, due to these restrictions, very few people came to the hospital and the testing of TB has also been very less.

According to the data given by the Union Health Ministry in the Lok Sabha, in the year 2020 from January to December, 18 lakh new cases of TB have been reported in the country. Whereas in the year 2019, 24 lakh cases were reported. Let us tell you that the first case of corona in India was reported in the year 2020 at the end of January. The first wave of Corona had started across the country from March. After which a lockdown was imposed in the entire country on 24 March.

People did not go to the hospital for fear of corona infection

According to Dr KK Chopra, director of the New Delhi TB Center, “During the lockdown, people could not go to the hospital for TB testing. At the same time, there was also a fear of corona infection, due to which no one wants to go to the hospital. Not only this, our staff also had to face many problems in coming to the hospital, due to which there was a decrease in the daily testing of TB.

At the same time, he said, “During this, we also took the help of private health centers to collect samples of patients. During the second wave of corona, our preparedness for TB testing was better than before, now if the cases of Covid increase again. If so, we are well prepared for that.”

Fewer cases of TB could be reported even due to the closure of OPD

The OPD facility in the hospital remained closed for a long time even after the lockdown. Due to this, fewer cases of TB could be reported during this period. According to GC Khilnani, former head of the Department of Pulmonology, AIIMS, “OPD facility in all hospitals was closed during the lockdown. Due to this, less cases of TB were reported. Not only TB, but also fewer cases of other diseases during this period.” were able to come face to face.”

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