Tech Tips: Smartphone will be safe even in heavy rain, if you are not believe then try these 8 tips

With the arrival of monsoon, rains have started in many areas of the country. In such a situation, if you are going out for some important work, then apart from keeping yourself dry, your next priority is to protect your expensive smartphone from rain and keep it dry, especially when you are traveling by two-wheeler. . If you are confused about how to protect and protect your smartphone from getting wet during the rainy season. So today we will tell you how to protect your smartphone from getting wet in the rain and what to do if the phone gets wet in water so that your smartphone is completely safe.

Actually, nowadays the smartphone has become very important, people keep many things from important documents to you. At the time of rain, many people also have a problem that if they take out from the pocket, then the phone will get wet and if they keep it in the bag, then how will the conversation take place. Many such questions will be in your mind. Today we will tell you some easy tips, by following which you will be able to protect your phone from rain water and keep it safe. Let’s start…

1. Use a Waterproof Pouch for Your Smartphone
With the waterproof pouch, you can keep your smartphone safe in the rain. Nowadays many smartphones are IPX8 waterproof, which will not do anything if they get wet in water or if the water falls. However, such smartphones are a bit expensive. If you have a cheap smartphone then you can protect your phone from rain with the help of waterproof pouch. It will be like the cover of your phone, which will fit easily and you will not have much trouble. You can buy it from online shopping site for 100-200 or 300 rupees.

2. Use Bluetooth Earphones or Earbuds
There are many Bluetooth earphones and earbuds available in the market these days at very low prices, which are water and dust proof. You can easily buy them from the e-commerce site or your local market. The advantage of this will be that in the rainy season, your smartphone will be kept in your pocket or bag and with the help of Bluetooth device you will not only be able to talk on the phone but also enjoy the rain while listening to songs. Since your phone will not be exposed to rain or get wet due to Bluetooth, you will be able to keep it safe.

3. Immediately cover your phone with a polybag or newspaper
In the rainy season, if you have gone out of the house with a smartphone and suddenly it has started raining. In such a situation, if you do not find a safe place around, where you can stand and escape from the rain, then it is natural that you will get wet. In this situation, if you want to save your mobile from getting damaged, then as soon as you see newspaper or polythene somewhere, cover the mobile with it, so that your phone does not get wet and later you can keep it safe by wiping it with a clean cloth.

4. Leave the house with a raincoat
Getting wet in the rain can also be injurious to health, in such a situation, if possible, go out of the house with a raincoat, so that you will avoid getting wet and your smartphone will also be safe. Keep the phone neatly in your pocket inside the raincoat, so that raindrops don’t get there.

5. Use a Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Most of you must be wondering how a tempered glass screen protector can protect your smartphone from rain. Tempered glass is first heated and then cooled using chemical and thermal technology which makes it extremely durable as compared to other screen protectors. Apart from being scratch, fingerprint and shock resistant, the tempered glass screen protector also prevents water from entering. Avoid going for cheap mobile screen protectors in order to save some money as there are high chances of water seeping through its edges.

6. If in doubt, switch off the phone immediately
If you have nothing to protect your smartphone from getting wet in the rain, just turn it off as soon as possible and remove the battery if possible. Using a wet smartphone can not only be risky, but it can also cause your phone to stop working without any prior notice. If the smartphone is switched off and if it gets wet, you can expect it to be safe. Otherwise, just forget.

7. Never charge a wet phone
If you have got your phone wet in the rain, then do not make the mistake of charging the smartphone immediately. If there is no water, moisture at the charging port can create a low-level short circuit. Always check whether the smartphone is completely dry before charging. This rule also applies if the smartphone has been in the pocket of sweat pants for some time.

8. If your phone still gets water
If your phone gets wet in the rain after all these safety measures, you can follow these steps to help protect your water damaged phone:

– Switch off the phone.
– Remove the SIM card, memory card and battery from the phone.
– Gently wipe the phone with an absorbent cloth or tissue.
– Press it into the sack of rice.
– Let it sit for 72 hours before turning it on.

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